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CEO Coaching for early stage companies | The Accelerator Group

CEO Coaching for early stage companies

We help CEO’s/Entrepreneurs of seed & early-stage companies understand the building blocks to value creation.  Simplicity and momentum are critical components to success in building any early stage company. Companies stall or fail to grow if too much complexity is introduced in the business model….sustainability and growth/customer acquisition are key performance metrics that all early stage CEO’s should be focused on along the journey.

Working capital and the right Venture Capital partnership need to be thought through along with the business model & go-to-market strategy from day 1.   There is no need to have all the answers but more importantly you need to understand your markets and business drivers.  Remember, recognizing the need to adjust your strategy & tactics based on market conditions is essential.  Value creation involves being flexible, lean, market-focused and starting to learn what sustainability and scalability mean for your business.


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As an entrepreneur of 20+ years, turned venture capitalist for the last decade, Michael Skok – General Partner with North Bridge Venture Capital –  is  passionate about investing to accelerate innovation and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.  He has been developing classes and workshops such as Startup Secrets for institutions like Harvard, to empower Entrepreneurs.

I am honored to have Michael’s agreement to provide a link to these invaluable tools.  In return, he simply asks for you to share your learnings/comments.  Thank you Michael.

Startup Secrets link