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Value Creation & the right VC Partner

Early stage companies need to demonstrate real success & momentum, on a smaller scale, before attempting to secure significant VC funding.  With that said, CEO’s of early stage companies should immediately begin to understand the VC landscape and identify potential partners.  Do your homework to understand their sweet spot – industry/technology focus and track record, as well as...
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Execution…..critical to a CEO’s success

Execution drives value….as a CEO, this is a very familiar message that you hear over and over again from your Investors & Board members.  Don’t fight it; it’s absolutely true.  The challenge is to insure that both your product/solution, as well as your team are aligned on the right things to insure growth & ultimate value creation. As CEO, let’s take a closer...
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Strategy vs. Tactics

Early to mid-stage companies need to understand the fundamental importance of  ‘strategy vs. tactics’ in growing a sustainable business and where to spend time effectively.  Let’s first explore the fundamental differences….. Strategy is a big picture look at the problem that focuses on the forest and not the trees.  Specifically, it represents where the business is...
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Align your Business & Go-to-Market Models

Aligning your business model & Go-to-Market plan is critical to success of any venture.  The business model is generally defined as the way an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.  Quite often, the business model does not reflect the way that clients are being acquired or serviced.  In these situations, management needs to understand why there is not alignment and fix the...
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Winning strategic deals

Strategic deals are the cornerstone for market momentum & growth for most businesses.  Winning them requires, among other things, delivering a compelling proposal or plan to a client  that addresses one of their stated initiatives (ie. cost and/or risk reduction in a particular area,  performance improvements, effectiveness on a strategic goal….etc).  Step 1 in the process is...
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Creating a repeatable & winning sales process

Yes…..sales is an art form, but it cannot be truly successful and strategic to a company without a repeatable and sustainable process.  This starts with creating an experience for our client that demonstrates the value of our product or service, as opposed to the Big Bang approach from days gone by.  Work with your marketing team to develop & package this initial Offering and test its...
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It’s ALL about your Clients!

I am constantly amazed that a high percent of ‘early-to-mid stage’ technology companies have value propositions that have little or no relevance to their respective target markets.  Today’s competitive marketplace requires that we take the time to understand our clients’ challenges and initiatives, and provide meaningful solutions (with ROI), in their language.  The...
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Sales….take Woody Allens advice

“80 percent of success is just showing up” — Woody Allen You may laugh, but this is not far from the truth.  Obviously ‘showing up’ means a lot of things  in business and sales, including being visible to your clients & prospects and caring about their issues & challenges.   Sometimes your business model does not allow this to happen in person, but never...
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Aligning Operations with Company Strategy

The importance of aligning operations with company strategy is often discussed by consultants and academics who, quite correctly, point out that good alignment between operations and the company’s products and markets results in higher profit margins.  Misalignment makes it harder, and thus more costly, to meet customer expectations.  While the original design of operations is most often well...
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