Creating a repeatable & winning sales process

Yes…..sales is an art form, but it cannot be truly successful and strategic to a company without a repeatable and sustainable process.  This starts with creating an experience for our client that demonstrates the value of our product or service, as opposed to the Big Bang approach from days gone by.  Work with your marketing team to develop & package this initial Offering and test its viability in the market.  The ultimate goal is to reduce the overall sales cycle, as well as  increase client acquisition and conversion to full service.  Once you have a process that’s working, stick with it…….clients see the value and reduced risk of something that is performed over & over.  Measure results of the process internally and incorporate this into your Management & Pipeline Reporting for greater visibility & predictability.

‘Repeatability, scalablity, sustainability & execution’ are more than fancy consulting speak; they need to be integrated into your fabric and measured appropriately… you’re ready to let the ‘sales art form’ loose on the market.