Sales Acceleration Services

Our clients typically engage with us because they believe they have a sales execution problem…..and most certainly do. The real question is why?  They may be experiencing various challenges within their business, including issues such as:

  • stalled or extended sales cycles
  • losing market share or missing overall market opportunities and/or competitive pressures
  • price erosion
  • customer retention issues
  • strategic relationships and/or indirect channels that are under-performing
  • a sales strategy that is not growing the top-line fast enough for investors and stakeholders

We specialize in fully understanding these issues, determining their causes and creating a ‘top-line breakthrough’ for our clients.  We recommend  our Sales & Business Assessment, as Step 1 in the relationship.  This is conducted in approximately 2-4 calendar weeks and provides a high level Roadmap for Senior Management.  We assess the linkages between your Strategy; Business Model; Go-to-Market Plan; Marketing & Demand Creation Initiatives;  and your Sales Execution Performance for an integrated view and overall set of  Recommendations.

Benefits of our ‘Business & Sales Assessment’

  • ‘High Impact & ROI’…….our  Review & Assessment Framework  identifies & prioritizes major Risks, as well as refines your “Go-to-Market Priorities”  through a recommended Action Plan
  • Provides an objective review by an experienced & proven Sales Leader, who will provide both pragmatic & breakthrough insights
  • Our approach challenges the ‘status quo’ with proven value creation ideas….something that clients value
  • Creates a Breakthrough in sales results  & overall execution!

After the Business & Sales Assessment has been completed, we typically support the ongoing growth & recommendations through a Coaching relationship that is both effective and affordable.