Transformation Services

Our Transformation Services are designed primarily for ‘mid & later-stage’ companies.  If your growth is stalled; you are looking to enter new markets; your business is not producing the results that you expect; or you are losing market share, we help you understand the reasons why & develop a game plan to accelerate growth & value……our approach is bold, innovative & proven!  

Our process starts with a Business Assessment that forms the foundation for the Transformation Plan & Roadmap.  We review and analyze  your strategy & business model, financial & operational performance, capitalization and organizational capabilities.  A ‘high level’ Market Analysis is also performed, including selected discussions with Industry Analysts to understand the market dynamics and competitive landscape.  We generally complete this Phase in 4-6 weeks by delivering our Findings and Recommendations, including Organizational impacts and Risk factors.   Once this Transformation Plan & Roadmap is approved by the company, a detailed Operating Plan should be developed by the team with Key Performance Metrics (KPI’s).

Transformations are challenging and require the right balance of executive support; alignment; organizational readiness; marketing & branding – strategic communications; time & investment; and marketplace analysis. History shows that most major transformation initiatives fail, because organizations do not sustain this delicate balance throughout the transition which generally takes years, not months, to complete. Your decision to embark on this journey is exciting, but a pragmatic Transformation Roadmap is critical to success.

Take a look at one of our client transformation projects – Software & Services company looking to transform their Brand & Services Offerings