Sales….take Woody Allens advice

80 percent of success is just showing up” — Woody Allen

You may laugh, but this is not far from the truth.  Obviously ‘showing up’ means a lot of things  in business and sales, including being visible to your clients & prospects and caring about their issues & challenges.   Sometimes your business model does not allow this to happen in person, but never forget that touching your clients regularly is critical to success.  This will  involve a multi-channel marketing campaign – webinars, newsletters, email…etc – that Sales can personalize for that effective 1-to-1 professional touch.   During these turbulent economic times, Marketing’s role becomes even more critical to the retention of your existing clients.

So you’ve succeeded in ‘showing up’ and demonstrating that you care – what’s next?  The last 20% is value creation for your clients.  Focusing on their key business issues & challenges and delivering  “unique & compelling” solutions that drive meaning results & ROI.  Time and resource constraints generally do not allow this to be done for all clients, so some client rationalization needs to be done to determine the right mix.  Most Sales’ organizations struggle in this value creation step and end up making it all about their product or service.  Clients are smart and will quickly see through this approach……our next Tip for the Top-Line, entitled Value Creation will focus entirely on this critical subject.