Winning strategic deals

Strategic deals are the cornerstone for market momentum & growth for most businesses.  Winning them requires, among other things, delivering a compelling proposal or plan to a client  that addresses one of their stated initiatives (ie. cost and/or risk reduction in a particular area,  performance improvements, effectiveness on a strategic goal….etc).  Step 1 in the process is critical and involves clearly understanding your clients’  strategic initiatives.  This needs to be addressed with an executive that is tied into the business & operational plan, and, if possible, has some performance metrics tied to their overall success.  They need to be your Executive Sponsor throughout the process.  Gaining specific measurements and decision making criteria is important in this executive discussion……..bottom-line, what’s it going to take to have your client proceed with your proposal?

Spend the time to document and gain consensus from the client on their current situation, so that your proposed solution can clearly demonstrate your understanding of their problem and the benefits of your solution (including ROI).  Work with client teams, if possible, to gain their buy-in and ROI before you present together to the Executive Sponsor……..remember the basic rule of  “NO Surprises.”  Make the decision safe by describing what other companies, both inside and outside their industry, have implemented your solution to a similar problem.  Gain their buy-in and work hard to implement your solution & successfully deliver on the proposed benefits.  Ask your clients for their agreement to build a Case Study,  that can be used for overall market awareness and other clients within the industry.   Never let a value creation victory be a stand-alone success……use it as a springboard within your client for additional business and other clients within the industry.